1. One of the good history essay topics to be used for your paper is American Revolution. The formation of the USA as a separate independent country like we know it today is a process worth writing about. Make a research about the events that took place in the late XVIII century and discuss them in your work.
  2. Chartism movement in Great Britain. This is another idea to be discussed in your history paper. You can explain how this protest influenced the laws of Great Britain, as we know them today and facilitated the establishment of democracy in the future.
  3. Martin Luther King essay. The ideas of this famous personality will never go out of fashion, and they are still topical in modern world. You could analyze how his actions changed the course of American history, or compare and contrast his approach and those of the other great peacemakers.
  4. Civil Rights Movement essay. This is one of the most popular history essay topics in college, so there are tons of information available on this theme. However, remember to away from the clichés and try to show a fresh vision of this event.
  5. American Revolutionary War essay. This key event in the history of America surely is worth being told about. It is better to discuss how and why everything happened, instead of listing the dates and events. After all, an essay has to express a point of view and not just present information.
  6. Weimar Republic essay. This republic lasted for 15 years, and it would be interesting to analyze its main principles, challenges, and consequences. Besides, as the Nazi era followed after it, one may find links between these two periods and discuss them.
  7. Vietnam War essay. The war that lasted for almost 20 years and involved so many countries is definitely one of the decent history essay topics. In fact, there are so many aspects to be addressed, like territories affected, phases of the war, support and participation of soldiers from other countries, etc., that many topics can be produced based on this theme.
  8. Aftermath of Vietnam War essay. How did Asian countries change politically and socially after the war? What was the cost of the war for the USA? How do civilians perceive the events of the past? These questions could be addressed in your paper.
  9. Cold War essay. Does our young generation know many details about the events of the Cold War? A paper on this topic can be rather informative for your class. In addition, the modern critics’ opinions can be provided to give a new perspective to the theme.
  10. The Battle of Hastings essay. Stepping aside from the modern history essay topics, you can make your paper original. As there is very little accurate data left about the events that happened more than 1000 years ago, you can develop the possible plots of events based on the facts you find.
  11. French Revolution essay. With the background of revolution happening all around the Europe in XVIII century, it can be reasonable to discuss why French Revolution is different and what special circumstances of its events were.
  12. Crusades essay. The phenomenon of Crusades, why and where they took place, what the political background was are the main points in this topic. In addition, one can relate Crusades to the cultural formation of the different nations.
  13. Renaissance essay. Renaissance is usually discussed in the scope of art and culture, while it clearly had a certain historic basis. Your essay could address the political and social principles of the Renaissance era.
  14. Alexander II of Russia essay. The famous emperor introduced a number of significant reforms in his country in such spheres as military, social life, jurisdiction, education, etc. The personality and achievements of this emperor could serve as a perfect ground for your essay.
  15. Hirohito essay. The great Emperor of Japan, who was in this position for more than 60 years and facilitated the prosperity of his country is indisputably a bright personality to discuss in your history paper.
  16. Abolitionism essay. You can choose one element of this rather wide topic; for example, choose a certain country where this phenomenon took place. Another option is to discuss the famous people who fought slavery.
  17. Karl Marx essay. One of the most notable figures in the history of humanity surely deserves to be included in one of history essays. A perfect way to avoid the boring traditional formats of such essay is to discuss Marx’s views of the foreign countries and their political systems.
  18. Irish Home Rule Movement essay. You can discuss the different concepts of this movement, the personalities that organized and supported it, and its role in the modern history of Europe.
  19. Radical Movement in the UK essay. As an option, you may write about the social reasons that led to the emergence of the movement, the achievements of radicalism, and the consequences for the UK and the world in general.
  20. Post-War Consensus essay. This topic would encounter the recovery of Great Britain from World War II and the personality of Margaret Thatcher.
  21. Blatcherism essay. A curious phenomenon of the famous Thatcher’s approach being used later by Tony Blair can be presented in your essay. Both the economic and political aspects can be included in it.
  22. British Raj essay. The Indian region had been under British control for almost a century, which, undoubtedly, caused irreversible changes in the social and cultural lives of both Great Britain and India. This exchange between the countries can be discussed in your history essay.
  23. Establishment of Independence in India essay. A way to present this topic is to discuss the political system of the country, greatly influenced by the British crown, and India’s long way towards establishing independence.
  24. Greece in the Roman era essay. Roman Empire and its achievements, as well as cultural legacy contained mostly in Greece is a fascinating topic for your paper.
  25. Fall of Constantinople essay. This event can safely be called the brightest event of the middle ages, and you will definitely find a multitude of curious aspects to discuss in your essay. A point of special interest is the military schemes used to invade Constantinople and the fortifications used for protection.
  26. The Rise of Ottoman Empire essay. One of the most powerful empires in world history – how was it established? How were the resources distributed? Who organized the whole political system? Clearly, this topic is worth developing.
  27. Crimean War essay. The causes of the war, political and religious interests, countries that took part, was aftermath – these are the points to be discussed in such paper.
  28. Judicial System of Russian Empire essay. The laws, rules and regulations of the empire should be addressed. Also, the influence of political models of European countries can be included here.
  29. Jim Crow Laws essay. A paper with this title will probably address the main laws of Jim Crow, their impact on racial segregation, and the outcomes that followed implementing those laws. Also, the power of Jim Crow laws during the Second World War is a point of interest.
  30. The Leaders of Civil Rights Movement essay. This topic concerns the personalities who dared to question the established political and jurisdiction systems and presented their new visions. Such essay can be quite inspiring for the readers.
  31. Berlin Blockade essay. In addition to discussing the actual events and dates, one can find the interviews with the actual witnesses and participants of Berlin Blockade, adding a bit of personal stories to the history essay.
  32. Iran-Iraq War essay. Being quite a topical issue in the history of the modern world, this theme can be a basis for your essay. One of the ideas is to discuss the involvement of other countries in the war.
  33. The Rise of Saudi Arabia essay. This kind of paper can focus on the events that led to the economic and cultural development of the country, as well as on the role of natural resources in this process.
  34. Labor Unions of America essay. It would include the formation of first labor unions, the development of their legislation and their significance for the workers in USA after World War II.
  35. Rogernomics essay. In such paper, you can discuss the economic liberalism in general and economic models of New Zealand in specific. In addition, the functioning of the Fourth Labor Government can be discussed in short.
  36. George Washington essay. The role of his figure in the history of USA cannot be underestimated, and a history essay about this person is always topical and engaging. One of the possible ways to compose such paper is to discuss his military career and the operations he guided.
  37. Iroquois essay. The structure of the confederacy, its political power, principles and participation in wars may be discussed in a paper with this topic. In addition, the bright figures of Six Nations can be researched.
  38. Sakoku essay. The major points to address here are how the isolation policy that lasted for more than 2 centuries occurred and what its reasons and consequences for Japan and other countries were. Moreover, the related challenges for Japanese nation could complete your paper.
  39. The Great Disappointment essay. The religious movements of mid nineteenth century, their historical background and the interrelation between religions and political models can be included in this paper.
  40. Carnation Revolution essay. A paper with this topic can discuss how the Portugal has gained freedom and ended its existence as an African colony. Also, this is one of the most peaceful revolutions in world history, which makes this topic rather special.
  41. Golden Age of Piracy essay. You can consider making a research about the trading relationships between countries, and how the marine ways have developed, causing piracy. Such topic would involve geography, economy, politics, and culture, which suggests that the paper will be very interesting.
  42. Copper Country Strike essay. Although the striking workers did not achieve what they aimed to achieve, this event had a major influence on the local politics and labor regulations; therefore, it deserves to become a center point of your paper.
  43. Colonization of Africa essay. Based on the studies of Achille Mbembe, you can compose an excellent essay, which analyzes the colonization of Africa, either in ancient or modern times.
  44. Operation Paperclip essay. How the surveillance group functioned, how it affected the course of war, who participated in the operation – these are just some of the aspects to be addressed in such essay.
  45. Julius Caesar essay. Undoubtedly, Caesar is one of the most famous and successful political figure of all times. Therefore, a paper related to his personality is always a good idea. The points to discuss here are his military career, the political reforms he introduced, and his outstanding personality.
  46. Aztec Empire essay. Another idea for your history essay is to present a short analysis of the structure and political system of Aztec empire. You might want to refer to their code of law, which will help in understanding how the empire functioned.
  47. Flower War essay. One of the most extraordinary military conflicts in history can serve as a basis for your paper. You can trace the connection between the religion and philosophy of the nations and the way they handled the war.
  48. American Exceptionalism essay. How did the term occur? What is the historical background of this concept? What are the main arguments in the authors of this idea? What do critics say about it? All these questions can be addressed in your essay.
  49. Empire of Liberty essay. You can show in your work how the idea developed by great thinkers unified the whole nation and served as a fundamental principle of USA ideology. In addition, it is possible to discuss how it is related to the religious and economic models of the country.
  50. Fordism essay. Explain where this concept comes from and tell about how it is related to social, economic and political conditions. Also, discuss how the model was used by Marxists and Soviet Union leaders, and how it is related to the process of globalization.
  51. Cold War essay. To prepare such a paper, you can research the political and economic conditions in the competing countries, the reforms introduced during the cold war, and the consequences that the nations still face. To make this essay more convincing, you can include the quotes of famous leaders of the time in it.
  52. ERTA essay. The controversial role and impact of this act has been discussed by many critics, and you can appeal to their works to find ideas for your paper. The historic background that led to this law is certainly to be discussed.
  53. Cuban Revolution essay. The famous leaders of this revolution are worth your attention. Besides, the events that led to the outbreak of revolution and the involvement of Soviet Union are the details that can make your essay more informative.
  54. 1989 Revolutionary Wave essay. The communist model accepted in most European countries in XX century has marked a certain era, which has ended with a chain of protests and revolutions in 1989. The shift in ideology, the social conditions in the countries and the economic changes that followed the revolution are the points to be included in your paper.
  55. Mao Zedong essay. The extraordinary personality of this Chinese ruler is undoubtedly curious, and you can devote your essay to him. Make sure to discuss both the positive and negative consequences of his reforms for the country, and discuss the aftermath both for China and the rest of the world in terms of economy and culture.