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The five paragraph essay is the classic, standard essay that students will write from high school on. This essay can be of any type rhetorical, expository, descriptive, definition, comparison/contrast, persuasive, etc. Most students are taught how to write five paragraph essay in high school English classes, with varying degrees of mastery.

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Many of these students move to college still lacking a basic understanding of the five paragraph essay format. The reasons for this are many, but, at the college level, it is assumed that students have this skill, and so no time is spent re-teaching it. Online guidance from Cheap-Essays.org helps high school, college, and university students to prepare for successful academic writing and standardized tests. When you address Cheap-Essays.org for help, you will get proper consultation on the essay types, their corresponding structures, format, and ideas organization.

Structure of five paragraph essay

Five paragraph essays follow a very basic format an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Generally, the introduction states the overall thesis or focus of the essay. The body paragraphs each take one important component of the thesis or focus and develop that component with a solid topic sentence and supporting detail. The conclusion must not introduce any new information, but, instead, wrap up the body components and re-state the thesis in a different way. There is also a widely accepted five paragraph essay graphic organizer the outline although some students prefer to use other visual graphics. The point is, whatever graphic organizer is used, it should contain 5 pieces one for each of the five parts of the essay.

Some students do very well with certain types of five paragraph essay types, but quite badly with others. Students who can explain and describe often have a difficult time writing an essay that is to be persuasive. When this happens at the college level, however, professors will not be so forgiving, so it would be wise to find a reliable web-based essay service from which to buy essays online, for those types that cause difficulty. Cheap-Essays.org can offer essential essay help for all types of essays, for we have professional writers whose sole job it is to produce five paragraph essay products for our customers, no matter what the topic or subject area. And, for students who really want to learn how to write these on their own, we have cheap price sample five paragraph essay products for sale. A word of caution, however – you may not use these as your own, for many other students have purchased them before you. They are models only!

Successful Writing Tips for Delivering a Top-Notch Five-Paragraph Essay

Almost every high school or college-standardized test has a writing assignment. As a rule, students are given a prompt according to which they have to write an essay. As a rule, they are expected to write a five-paragraph essay on the given topic. This is one of the basic organizational types of academic essays: an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. This essay structure enables students to discuss the topic to the fullest in the most comprehensible and coherent way.

Types of Essays Given for Standardized Tests

Before you start writing an essay for your standardized test assignment, you need to decide on what type of essay you are required to provide. There are many types of essays, namely narrative, descriptive, persuasive, literary, comparative, expository, etc., so here the main task is what type will suit best for the given topic or essay question. Actually, it depends on the type of essay how you will formulate a thesis statement and develop the ideas. However, as a rule, standardized tests have such essay descriptions that they either require you to provide a literary essay or a persuasive one. In the former case, you need to critically discuss and examine facts regarding a specific work you have read. In the latter case, you need to provide an argumentative piece of writing that will convince the target audience of the standpoint you have. In general, when writing an essay for a standardized test, you should provide 500-800 words of text.

Writing the Introductory paragraph

As it can be inferred from its very name, the introduction introduces the topic to your reader. Thus, you should provide the most important information that will serve as a background for your discussion or analysis. It is crucial to devote sufficient time to writing the introduction properly as you should grab your readers' attention and set the general tone of writing. The best way to create the opening paragraph is to do the following:

  • Try to provide a brief and succinct opening sentence, where you specify your topic. Actually, the first sentence should be informative and it should be clear from the sentence what your paper is about. The message you convey should correspond to the main paper prompt.
  • Make sure you end the introduction with a clear and strong thesis statement. To make the thesis effective, try to make it argumentative (i.e. put forward the core argument of the paper and provide some supporting aspects). When you doubt how to write the thesis statement, read the main essay question once again and try to formulate a statement according to the specific question.
  • Make sure you include three argumentations or supporting aspects to the thesis. Preferable, they should be listed in the order of their priority or importance.

Developing body paragraphs and finding supporting evidence

The second, third, and fourth paragraphs of the essay refer to body paragraphs, where you develop the main argument of the paper and back it up with sufficient supporting evidence. Here you should not only provide facts but alos apply our critical and analytic skills to mold the gathered information into well-developed paragraphs that are also properly supported with statstics, numerical data, scholarly findings, quotes, and other illustrative examples. When developing body paragraph, you should keep track of whether they correspond to the ideas put forward in the thesis statement.

A generally accepted rule for organizing your body paragraphs is to take each idea mentioned in the thesis statement and discuss each in a separate body paragraph.

For example, when you develop the first body paragraph, you take the first idea mentioned in the thesis and discuss it. The topic sentence should concisely communicate the main message you intend to convey. Further, you should support the idea with proper argumentation and examples. In other words, it should be clear why the idea expressed in the topic sentence is credible and worth to be accepted. Supporting evidence such as quotations, numerical data or examples need to be incorporated into the body paragraph to make the argument trustworthy and convincing.

In the same way, you go on with organizing the second and the third body paragraphs.

Writing a conclusion

This paragraph should provide a succinct summary of the key points discussed in the paper. You should make it clear how the argument presented in the thesis is related to the main body of your discussion. If you had a task to prove something, you need to state whether you managed to prove some idea and how exactly. All in all, you should reiterate your thesis and sum up the core discussion aspects. When writing a conclusion, make sure you do not introduce any new ideas that were not discussed previously.

When writing an essay for a standardized test, briefly outline the paper and go through each section as quickly as possible. Try to include the most important but at the same time brief information as you need to explore the topic within a limited number of words. If you pay too much time and attention to only one aspect of the topic, you will not be able to cover the rest of the aspects, whereas your task is to provide an all-round topic discussion. If you focus on one issue but fail to address the rest either due to the lack of time or the exceeded word count limit, you will not get a good mark for sure. Ideally, you should have ample time to review your paper before submitting it. This post-writing stage of reviewing the paper will help you get free from possible grammar, stylistic, and punctuation mistakes.

You can master the five paragraph essay with some fortitude and a little help from Cheap-Essays.org!

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