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Have you run short of essay inspiration? From time to time, even the most prolific of writers run out of ideas during different types of essay writing and don't know how to proceed with their custom papers. You are likely to get over this in time if writing for pleasurable purposes, but it can be a real problem if you are writing an academic essay to a tight deadline.

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Types of academic essays

Kinds of Essays

There are four main kinds of essays which students are usually assigned to produce during the academic years. Each of the types has specific features which you should be aware of in order to be able to create a worthy paper.

Descriptive Essay

When writing such an essay, you are required to provide data about a particular issue. However, you are not supposed to evaluate it. Being a university student, you are not likely to only describe some phenomena. It may be just a part of the assignment.

Keep in mind that alongside presenting material on the matter, it is necessary to give magnificent examples. The tasks students need to do when dealing with descriptive essay writing may start with such words as identify, define, describe, state, highlight, track and others.

Discussion Essay

If you are assigned to create a discussion essay, you will need to illustrate the main aspects of the explored subject. You are obliged to thoroughly examine even the tiniest details to present an objective analysis to readers. Note that the ideas you put forward have to be supported with true facts. The essay questions relating to this type of paper usually begin with the following words: investigate, explore, review, explain, decipher, discuss, demonstrate, etc.

Evaluation Essay

This kind of essay requires you to pick the topic which you can make a thorough assessment of. If to be precise, when preparing an evaluation essay, you will need to consider the issue from every possible angle to provide readers with well-grounded content. In order to write a deep and valid work, it is necessary to back up your concepts with persuasive arguments. Your paper should end with a reasonable conclusion. It should be noted that writing evaluation essays is regarded the most complicated of all essay writing genres. The questions relating to this essay type usually commence with such words as evaluate, critically analyze, verify, explore, and others.

Comparison Essay

Creating a comparison essay demands the writer to define similar and contradicting features of various things, viewpoints, phenomena, theories and other issues. In order to make a detailed comparison, you may need to describe, assess or analyze the tackled matter. It actually depends on the posed essay questions that often begin with such verbs as discern, contrast, compare, distinguish, etc.

Pay attention to the following fact: Some of the queries you will need to deal with may consist of several parts. For example, you may be requested to analyze a specific marketing strategy and explain how it affects a particular area of economics.

If you are still confused about the various essay types, take a look at our online style sheet. Furthermore, you will get the best essay possible when you order essay papers from us using the "order now" option on our website.

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