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Anything can really qualify as a personal essay if it reflects upon you as a person. When you write a persuasive essay, for example, you are positing your personal opinions regarding an issue or problem; when you reflect upon the writings of others, you are inserting your personal thoughts.

Writing the Personal Essay

Almost any essay assignment can be considered as a personal essay, however, there are certain types of essay writing assignments that will focus more on personal experiences, thoughts, and opinions than others. Writing a personal narrative essay is often an assignment that one would expect to get in an English class. Often called autobiographical writing, this assignment may be as comprehensive as telling your life story (usually, at the elementary and middle school levels) to writing a narrative to describe a significant event or experience in your life (high school and beyond). The personal reflection essay, however, may be assigned in most any class, as this type of writing requires responding personally to something you have read, heard, or seen.

Tips to write personal essay:

  • Writing a personal essay may seem easy at first; 
  • The student realizes that, like all essays, there must be a thesis or focus;
  • There must be an organizational structure;
  • There must be scholarly grammar, sentence structure, vocabulary, and mechanics.

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