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Descriptive essay writing is defined simply by its name. When a student is asked to write a descriptive essay, s/he will be taking a topic - usually an event, a thing, a concept, a person, or an experience and providing as vivid a picture as possible for the reader. In order to do this, the writer must appeal to as many of the five senses as possible. For example, when one describes the fall season, can s/he appeal to the sense of smell as much as to the sense of sight? In describing the first snow of winter, what figurative language can be used that allows the reader to really "feel" what that snow is like?

Writing the Description Essay

There is a huge difference between a descriptive essay and other academic papers. It is focused on describing an event, situation or person by putting great stress on details. Being able to write an interesting descriptive essay is beneficial, especially for those who is going to build a literary career. Descriptive papers are always fascinating and easy to read which is essential when it goes about academic writing, as no one desires to read works that are poorly organized and written illogically.

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The description essay can be difficult for students who don't exercise their creative side much. A student who is really focused on strength in mathematics, for example, may dread the thought of trying to write what he might call a "stupid flowery" essay describing his past Christmas. On the other hand, a more creative student might have an absolute blast writing a description of his/her bedroom! Essay writing, like any other subject in one's schooling, is strength for some and a weakness for others. And descriptive writing can easily be made an important part of other types of essays as well. For example, a narrative descriptive essay will tell a story, but the expectation for vivid descriptions will be a part of the assignment. Likewise the extended definition essay may also require great descriptive writing. Think about writing an extended definition essay that defines and explains a root canal!If you are one of those students who are troubled by essay writing, and certainly descriptive essay writing, there are several things that you can do, and will be happy to assist you.

  • You can write a basic description essay with no appeals to the senses and no figurative language. You can use our writing guide on figurative language and review your essay, looking for spots to add similes, metaphors, personification, etc. Instead of the snow coming down, for example, how about if the snowflakes dance in the wind and finally float to the ground, making their small contributions to the white quilt that will soon cover the grass? 
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  • If you have already written your descriptive essay but it does not thrill you, you can submit it one of our great writers for polishing!

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Another activity that might help in building your descriptive writing skills is to read a lot of authors who are famous for their descriptive passages; poetry is full of figurative language and can give you excellent ideas. can even provide sample descriptive essays that you can buy for a cheap price, if you want to see how the professionals do it! You can have the best of both worlds. You can work on improving your own writing skills while you get original and superb essay writing help from our professionals!

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