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The response essay is assigned when a student is asked to provide a personal reaction or a response to something that has been heard, read, seen, or experienced. As such, this type of essay is one of the most frequently assigned, and it requires introspection, critical thinking, attention to detail, and, of course solid writing skills.

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Start with the Thesis Statement

The thesis in a response essay could be about image use in the workplace or it could concern parallels with the writer’s own career or life.  

Body of the Essay

The main body of a response essay usually means working carefully through the assignment’s question and closely examining every aspect that is relevant to it. Often, there is an excessive amount of material to cover so it makes sense to focus on a small number of specific points. 

Regardless of whether you buy response essays or write your own, the following are techniques for reading a literary work: 

  • Identify the primary literary techniques and devices, e.g., images, metaphors, similes, onomatopoeia, assonance, alliteration, and similar. The aim is to demonstrate how these contribute to conveying the meaning of the author’s work in its entirety.  
  • Identify any themes that are evident in different parts of the literary piece and demonstrate how these have a bearing on the entire work.
  • Locate the origins of different words, e.g., the Latin or Greek origins or the archaic application of the words and demonstrate how an author has made use of these to add complexity to his or her work.
  • Link aspects of the literary work to the experiences or life of the author.

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All that is necessary is to show how most of the evidence relates to and supports your central thesis. Where there is or may be significant opposition or counter arguments against your essay’s thesis, you can have another shot at these. What do you think the instigator or creator is trying to achieve?

A good starting point may be to analyze an old literary work afresh. Look for subtle undercurrents and/or points that might add weight to your argument, which has not appeared in any other essay. A great starting point is to develop a strong thesis, but do not imply that an existing work is trying to convey something the original author is not likely to have intended. (There is a great deal of theory and critical thinking on this issue, but if you are not working on an essay for graduate level, simply confine yourself to things that are relevant to a particular author.)

The following are examples of popular topics for response essays:

  • An article that changed your outlook on life
  • Fashions of last Fall
  • Your response to a TV documentary
  • Your favorite band’s latest album
  • A movie you can keep watching
  • New business theories
  • Your response to yellow press

The topic ideas listed above should give you some ideas or at least a starting point. Regardless of what subject matter you have chosen, your own personality, attitudes and thoughts should be evident.

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There are several specific types of response essays, as follows:

  • The critical response essay: To prepare this essay, one will usually have read, heard, or seen something and must now provide a critical eye, perhaps analyzing the arguments made. One might, for example, listen to a politician’s speech and then analyze the arguments and points for validity. Attention to detail and specific reference to parts of that speech will be included in the essay;
  • The summary response essay: Again, you may have read or heard something and will be asked to discern the main points made by the author or speaker and to summarize them;
  • The reaction response essay: This type will require you to provide a personal response to something read, heard, or seen and, usually, to give a well-considered opinion as a part of your reaction;
  • The literary response essay: This essay is created in response to something read, either fictional or non-fictional. If you have, for example, read a harrowing tale, how did you react to the characters and to the events that occurred? If you read a non-fiction work, what is your reaction to the points made? How was the tone?

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