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Narrative essay writing is that kind of writing that tells a story. When students are assigned these types of essays, they often think they will be easy to write, but that thinking may be a bit flawed. 

Authors of fictions write narratives. Authors of short stories write narratives. If you have read such works of fiction, you have read narrative essay examples, although these types of works are substantially longer than the essay that you may be asked to write. For this reason, a good narrative essay is difficult to write. You must tell a story in a much smaller writing venue than a short story of a novel.

There are two types of written narrative essays a student may be assigned:

  • One of Fiction:This type of assignment will ask you to make up a story, much as an author writes a piece of fiction. Your characters will be fictitious, and the short plot will be as well;
  • Personal Experience:The subject of the narrative will be an event in your own life. You and others involved will be the characters.

Much of the narrative essay you will write will be a narrative descriptive essay because you will need to describe places, people, and, sometimes, thoughts. Now, you can probably see that narrative essay writing is a bit more complex than perhaps you first thought. You will need to be creative, a great wordsmith, and a very clear storyteller. Perhaps you might want to give some thought to using a custom essay service to write your assigned has outstanding creative writers, with degrees, who love to write narrative essay assignments for students, and to do so at a relatively cheap price. You may provide a plot outline; you may provide details of your personal experience; you may ask your personal writer to create a story from scratch. Whichever option you choose, you will buy a perfectly written narrative that will impress your instructor.

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Five Tips on Narrative Essay Writing

When you get an assignment to provide a narrative essay, you are expected to narrate about your personal experience. However, it is not enough simply to describe the event that happened to you but to relate it to some broader context and indicate what lessons you have learned from it. You are also encouraged to provide some interpretation of the event or aspect according to the chosen topic.

Pre-writing stage

Recollect the most memorable experiences or events in your mind and choose the one that deserves particular attention and that will be interesting to your readers. Also make sure that the topic you have chosen is in some way significant as it would be easier to critically evaluate it. When you have focused on a specific topic, make sure to draft an outline and include the main aspects worth discussion.

Provide a rough draft

When writing an outline, you have created a framework for your essay – now it is time to fill it in. Provide as much information as possible to closely discuss each aspect identified. Provide sufficient details. If you refer to some specific experience or even, introduce some descriptions to make the event come alive in the minds of readers.

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Provide a final draft and revise your essay if needed

Improve the way of organizing paragraphs and ideas: make sure there are proper logical transitions. Besides, ensure smooth flow of ideas from one paragraph to the other. Check on whether the essay is written in an appealing way and whether it contains an attention-grabber in the introduction. Besides, double-check on whether the core idea of the paper is clearly conveyed. has been in the professional writing business for years, and offers the best essays and papers in the industry. Contact our representatives online with your writing troubles you will always get the perfect solution!

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