A secret behind the success of many people is that they read the right books and what's more important they apply the tips given there in their lives. For examples, Warren Buffett read 500 pages a day! But unfortunately, many of us are already working from 9 to 5 and can't afford to spend so many time on reading life-changing books. However, all of us can find at least some time to read books and if these books are powerful, they can influence us greatly too.

Top 5 books that will change your life

  • Amy Morin's "Thirteen Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do". The list of life-changing books starts with this one because it helps you to understand how to behave when the hard times strike. Understanding how to overcome the obstacles and difficult periods of life will definitely have a profound impact on your life.
  • Dale Carnegie's "How to Stop Worrying and Start Living". Have you noticed that most of the time our worries are totally groundless? We're living in our head and going through the worst scenarios we can imagine but most of the things we're envisioning never happen. Have you ever wondered why that happens and how to overcome it? Dale Carnegie offers a timeless formula that will help you to handle the worries.
  • Karen Dillon, Clayton M. Christensen and James Allworth's "How Will You Measure Your Life?". The third place in the list of books that will influence your life is dedicated to how you can be happier at work and find a balance between your career, friends and family. If you learn to manage your time wisely you will find yourself a much happier and balanced person.
  • Ken Robinson's "Finding Your Element". Our society has a certain plan for us, but can following it really benefit us? The standard route is to graduate from school, then proceed to finishing the university, becoming a professional and work till you retire. But can this recipe be applied to all people? Definitely not. Everyone has a calling, a passion that could lift you to a new level of life if followed. If you don't know what your passion is you can discover and live it. Find out how to step off the standard route that society has prepared for us and step on your individual path which can lead you to glory.
  • Daniel Goleman's "Emotional Intelligence". The last item in the list of books that will influence your life is dedicated to the following question: do you control your emotions or they control you? This is a very serious question and if you haven't mastered your emotions yet you're in trouble. Daniel Goleman will let you know how not to let your emotions control your life and how you can start making better and more balanced decisions.

Go through this list of books that will change your life and start the real transformation today! Here you can watch how Bill Gates talks about what books to read.