The unnecessarily cruel behavior of police officers in the United States in recent years is a strong concern among Americans. People from the working class in the United States for several years lived in fear of the local police. According to US media over the past two years, police in the US killed about 2,000 people. Violation of the legitimate rights of citizens is a malignant obstinate disease in American society. Random attacks by the police came to an end part of the tragedy with serious consequences. New York City Police reported several cases of deliberate shooting in the pursuit of suspects in January 2003. Four people were killed by police in the city from 1 to 5 January last year. The black man named Nathaniel Jones was beaten to death by six policemen in Cincinnati. It caused a great uproar against police brutality in the country in December 2003.

After the terrorist attacks of 11 September the United States issued the Patriot Act in the name of security and counter-terrorism. Much of the content of that act essentially intrudes into the sphere of rights and freedoms of its citizens, especially the people of ethnic minorities. Under the Patriot Act, government agencies got the right to tap telephones citizens trace their correspondence on the Internet and read the privacy and email. The FBI even allowed following the terms of the interests of readers. It can verify that people take to the library to decide whether they are not influenced by terrorism. Resolution adopted by the Cambridge, Massachusetts, said that the civil rights of Americans under the Patriot Act are at risk.

The United States declared that they are a paradise for free people but the number of prisoners in the United States remains the highest in the world. The number of inmates in the country exceeded 2.1 million in 2002 and increased from year to year by 2.6 percent, according to statistics released by the Ministry of Justice in July 2003. The prisons throughout the country receive 700 new of prisoners every week, and 701 out of 100 000 US citizens are in prison.

Persons suspected in the US is that they are "agents" of a foreign state, as a rule, are not brought to court, and killed in the dungeons of the secret service, after tearing them proper "recognition." Or they die, without saying a word. And we are talking about American citizens who according to the official overseas endowed with all the rhetoric of "human rights."

Lists tortured, whose names have not been put to the "free press" is probably buried in the archives of the top-secret US intelligence. But the terrible fate of some, who challenged the dictatorship of the iron heel, we know.

For examples, the latest, do not need to go far. The first half of the seventies in the United States was marked by harsh criticism of the CIA and "Intelligence community" in general. In this criticism was not only resentment on the part of good people, but also the concerns of some circles that the secret services are ineffective. In response, the CIA gave a broadside, published a book of his employees, who were arrogant, "Services" department, standing guard over the interests of the iron heel.


Among these works praise the book of former CIA employee Miles large Copland “No cloak and dagger. The truth about a new era of espionage”.

 He assured the real "owners of America" that the defense of their class interests is in good hands. Copeland explained exactly what to expect of someone believed to be politically dangerous in the United States. "If employees (US) state security bodies believe that the suspect is guilty, they have no choice but to arrest him and do what is necessary to achieve the truth, even if it means the destruction of any possibility of later put him on trial. If the detainee refuses to talk, the employees of security take him to the basement and there is, as one friend of mine blooded CIA, “try to bring it in mind”. Central Intelligence Agency “prefers that the interviewee” died from measles, “as wits CIA called this outcome but was not punished the courts”. After the interrogation in the dungeons of the CIA interrogated brought into such a state that it can not be shown in court and “quietly liquidate its ways, the horror of which is beyond description”.

      As an example, Copeland said of the murder in 1964 in the dungeons of the American CIA civil servant, encrypted them under the pseudonym of Mickey. He was captured and died “of a heart attack”, namely when the investigation ends ... “In his case it is not revealed anything was coming out of the ordinary,” - reported the head of the investigation to the then CIA director Admiral William Reborn ... The case of "Miki" in the press has reported, for the publicity would not bring any benefits”.

Only in rare cases, a person that has passed the horrors of torture chambers, is available on the freedom to live out their days somewhere in a remote place under strict supervision. But only if it is in the "public interest." And, of course, newspapers word. "US general for a long time far in its punitive policy regime in American prisons always had extreme brutality. Back in the thirties of the XIX century, the Frenchman A. Tocqueville, whose books about the United States are considered classic, horror recorded teachings superintendent of New York Prison E. Lindsey: "During our conversation, which lasted for hours, Mr. Linda Elam kept returning to one theme - it is necessary to begin with in order to break the spirit of the prisoner."

 Where more than one hundred years ago, the American prison reformer F. Gray insisted absolutely necessary “to crush and destroy the ferocious appeal” the spirit and the will of the prisoners. And "crushed" immensely proud of his days in our experience stretching back almost two. American journalist J. Mitford, which released in 1975 is very instructive study of modern American prisons, says: “I have found that it is this dual purpose, in fact, to this day haunts the prison administration, and hosts of well-meaning reformers, though they and do not speak as frankly as Warden Linda, and although over the years, the methods to achieve this goal have changed a lot”.

It changed primarily because the CIA issued a proper “scientific advice”, including on the methods of physical pressure on detainees. On a suggestion from the results of the CIA jailers petition indicates inmates in American prisons, transferred in 1972 to the United Nations. Accidents reported that in a federal prison Marion Illinois, for example, introduced a program “Asklepion”. The petition lists 24 methods of physical and mental effects. Over the United States is not swept a storm of indignation, responsible for the introduction of these methods M. Groder merely invited to a committee of Congress, where he gave a lengthy explanation, pointing to the great benefit of what in common parlance is called torture on the basis of the great “democracy”. US researchers question William A. Geller and Hans Tosh in 1984 defined its essence: "The change of mind is to unfreeze “the former prisoner presentation about yourself (bring them to zero),” change his identity and to “freeze” his new ideas in a new person." For this resort to tough measures physical effects.

Punitive policies in the United States has always been and has a pronounced class character, the point of it is directed against those who are already located at the base of the American political pyramid. "Tough measures" have proved particularly relevant in terms of the powers that be in the United States was in the sixties and early seventies - the mass demonstrations against the policies of US imperialism in Southeast Asia. This term was coined by the prisoners convicted of crimes in the usual representation had no connection with politics. They were convinced that they are victims of class or ethnic repression that the government use imprisonment as the means of force them to accept the status quo of poverty, injustice and unfairness. In the US, now about 1.4 million prisoners, 80 percent of them belong to the 12 percent of the working population receiving minimum income. Here is their and "re-educate" them to accept their position, meekly accepted the political system existing in the United States. If so, things in the prisons of the general type that is happening in the dungeons of the CIA - a mystery.

We had a confluence of extraordinary circumstances, to the manners prevailing in the dungeons of the CIA, has become something that is known, it is far from complete, and under a specific angle. Meetings of the Committee of the House of Representatives, to investigate, in the late seventies murder George. M. Kennedy and King revived the interest in the activities of the CIA. The committee passed the retired employees of agencies that responded to a number of questions. Regarding the assassination of President John Kennedy, then came up again the old - Kennedy fell victim to a conspiracy or not, and in any case, what is the role in all this the CIA, FBI, Secret Service, and others. Why, at least, they could not save the president? "Investigations" congress of this kind will certainly come to an end so that the CIA out of them is not only clean, but also as an agency are constantly baking of "national security" of the USA. In support of this in the "investigation" of the CIA to make public new evidence.

Data from one study suggest that over the 17 years from 1985 to 2002, the use of police in Los Angeles firearms against drivers of vehicles has increased more than 100 times, which killed at least 25 people and 30 people were injured. In 90% of cases, weapons were used unnecessarily.

 As reported in the issue of the article by Regina G. Lawrence, the study of materials on 328 criminal cases, the accused which were later released due to a miscarriage of justice, gives every reason to believe that now in prison are thousands or innocent citizens. The investigation revealed facts of illegal conviction for the murder of 199 people, who were later released, 73 of them have been previously sentenced to capital punishment. More than half of these cases were sentenced to prison for more than 10 years.

According to the US Department of Justice, the number detained in US prisons has increased 6 times from 320 thousand in 1980 to a record high of 2.5 million in 2007. In the period from 1995 to 2003 the amount of inmates in prisons has increased by an average of 3.5% across the country, which is made in 1 142 inhabitants.

Most US prisons crowded, but it does not solve the problem of accommodation of prisoners. Over the past 10 years, the state spends more than $ 7 billion to build new prisons. For comparison: in 1984 the state of California opened only one college, and 21 new prison. Prisons are growing and becoming more attractive enterprises in the eyes of investors. Currently, the state prison staff is 530 000 people, so the prison system is the second largest employer in the United States after the company "General Motors". The private prisons are becoming more common. The total value of the goods and services, which were produced by prisoners, has increased from $ 400 million in 1980 to $ 1.1 billion in 1994.

Ill-treatment of prisoners is ubiquitous in American prisons and detention centers, the order which often leaves much to be desired. According to the newspaper "Los Angeles Times" on August 15, last year, the orders of the court in more than 40 state prisons found took place brutality towards prisoners, evidence of overcrowding, lack of food security and health care.

For information reached the public that in the prison of New York prisoners pose naked to the wall, tie the hands and subjected to public humiliation in the form of compulsory inspection. Some prisoners were forced to stand naked in front of a group of women guards. Some women prisoners being shackled, forced in this way to visit prisons and hospitals to care for the child, some inmates women give birth in prisons without obstetrics and individual prisoners after cesarean section tourniquet tied to the bed. "

In November 2014 the UN officially expressed concern about the police brutality United States to minorities. The organization believes that the United States should investigate all cases of police brutality, directed in particular against certain racial and ethnic groups, immigrants and persons belonging to the LGBT, said the UN Committee against Torture.

Violence, which is currently used by the police of Chicago, especially for young African Americans and Hispanics, is of particular concern to the Committee. According to available evidence, they are subjected to inspections, persecuted and subjected to excessive use of force action.

The experts are also deeply disturbed and frequent use of firearms by police officers against blacks. It is emphasized that although the United States and provided evidence that over the last five years against the police was initiated 20 investigations of systematic violations and more than 330 law enforcement officers were prosecuted, however, that no statistics on cases of brutality police and the results of the investigations has caused disappointment to the Committee.

The Committee is also concerned about information that in 2012 in US prisons under the jurisdiction of local authorities, 958 people have died - 8% more than in 2010. In prisons under federal jurisdiction in 2010 and 2012, died on 3 thousand. 351 prisoners. Of special concern to the experts called reports of deaths of prisoners from the unbearable heat in the prisons of Arizona, California, Florida, New York, Michigan and Texas.

Another example of police brutality that event, when the city of Ferguson, Missouri, a policeman shot and killed an unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown in the middle of the roadway. The incident provoked mass protests, crowds of local residents took to the streets.

US citizens make an effort to demonstrate his views on the current situation. In the bars and restaurants of New York, and the cities of Oakland and Berkeley, dozens of activists held a so-called flash mobs with a view to reach the indifferent. US citizens make an effort to demonstrate his views on the current situation. In the bars and restaurants of New York, and the cities of Oakland and Berkeley, dozens of activists held so-called flash mobs with a view to reach the indifferent. With loud slogans the protesters entered the hall and shouted the names of the officers shot by African Americans: Michael Brown and Eric Garner, and even dozens of others. Most visitors and owners of establishments embraced everything with understanding, but there were also dissatisfied. 

I think the reason of the most brutal acts is the cultural issues. The police are part of the power structure, so they can assume that almost all of them get away with it.

Several video cameras recorded the incident, but most cases go unnoticed by the public. Increasingly, residents of the United States recorded its communication with the police at the camera. One defender of the rule of law embodied, when he is in dispute with someone, talk about the constitutional right to take pictures, spoke unexpectedly.

The cases of violence, recorded on video, cast a shadow over a thousand employees of the American police, who diligently perform their duties. But there is hope that attracting public attention to such incidents cause some police think twice before to abuse their powers.

The serious problem is committed by the police and law enforcement US violence and human rights violations. Currently in service with more than 5,000 US law enforcement is a system of remote electronic shock reflection TASER (Tele-Active Shock Electronic Repulsion), is an electric shock gun, which defeats the purpose of an electric charge emits about 50,000 volts. Since 1999, 80 people died as a result of the use of TASER, 60% of deaths on its application to the period from November 2003 to November 2004. US describe themselves as "a paradise for free people", at the same time the number of people deprived of their freedom in this country remains one of the highest in the world. 


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