Literature Review

Video games are a significant part of everyday life. They are considered to be the most popular type of entertainment. The problem of the impact of video games on a person has been quite controversial. Many scholars provide alternative approaches to the discussed problem. Some believe that video games are a goof type of education. The others stick to the point that computers provide negative impact on humanity. In order to understand all the theories, it will be better to analyze various points of view.

The best theory is the cultivation theory. This type of theory presupposes that television is the vital element of people life. The theory claims that the more time a person spends watching television, the more he or she believes that the reality is portrayed through it. The same happens with video games. The theory states that people are totally addicted to video games. That is why they live as if their life was a game. Many scientists investigate the mentioned problem. One of them is Douglas Gentile. He supports the idea that video games are beneficial for people. Douglas realizes that some computer games can teach people how to behave properly (Gentile, Coyne, & Walsh, 2011). Furthermore, he emphasizes that sympathy is the main advantage of video games. James Paul Gee supports Douglas’ ideas and adds that a video game can be compared to a scientific research (Gee, 2007). It gives the information for analysis and presupposes the finding of a perfect solution.


Another scientist Daphne Bavelier has a different perspective concerning the problem (Bavelier). She states that video games are dangerous as they help evoke stress, aggression, and sadness. Moreover, the person starts feeling lonely and miserable, which in turn causes the emergence of isolation. The scientist claims that video games are the most dangerous for school children. The reason is that video games shape personal behavior and help build an attitude toward the world. In addition to Daphne Bavelier, the Argosy University’s Minnesota School on Professional Psychology proves the fact that video games provoke aggression (Olson, 2011). Moreover, video games are the initial reason for poor education and the lack of conditional relationship.

One more important idea was presented by Minneapolis National Institute for Media and the Family (Almston, 2014). Its representatives state that video games evoke depression and isolation. The person becomes totally isolated from the outside society. He or she tries to hide from everyone. One may admit that literature is very considerable and profound. It gives a clear distinction between positive and negative effects of video games. The gathered information requires a deep analysis. After reading the literature, one starts understanding various industries and many alternative solutions. The ability to evaluate the level of negative and positive effects of video games has been provided by the effective literature.

It is absolutely true that the analyzed literature should be treated subjectively. That is to say, scientists give evidence, but they also give time and possibility to think over another approach concerning this issue. All the literature gathered for the paper was analyzed from every aspect. It was interesting to know that most video games influence both mental and physical state of individuals. Together with the cultivation theory, it was possible to identify the initial reason for a great attention to video games. The theory enables to look at the problem from another side. The information should be truthful and effective. The theory gives a chance to investigate if something is wrong. That is to say, the theory enables to find strong evidence. The analysis of the literature is only the basis. The further findings should be produced individually. 

One may admit that the literature provides important evidence to the problem.

The Methods Assignment

For better investigation of the problem, a range of methods was used. The first method is the qualitative text analysis. This method helps investigate the literature and find an alternative approach to the problem. This method is very popular for investigating different resources. It helps read, indicate, and summarize the information quickly and effectively. The method enables to find some additional information. Moreover, the qualitative text analysis is based on the analysis of media content. That is to say, it is closely related to the investigated problem. This method helps analyze not only written texts but also speeches. Text analysis presupposes the division of the text. After making separate parts, it is easier to investigate the information. The method is effective for the analysis of articles and surveys. The bright example can be the literature on the investigated issue. One may state that all of the articles were taken from surveys conducted by the scientists. Accordingly, the text analysis enables to have a better vision of the literature. The second method is the unstructured observation. This method presupposes a lot of work and efforts as well. The person who conducts the survey has all the rights to change the experiment as he or she wants. Therefore, observations are important for the current investigation. When a researcher wants to identify the lasting process, he or she observes it. The unstructured observation helps see the evolution of certain processes. 

By observing the current situation of video games, it has been possible to see whether the literature is true or false. Moreover, the observations of the current situation have many benefits. It is important to see how video games deteriorate or become even more popular. The mentioned strategies are the most suitable ones. The reason is that they are effective when investigating current social phenomena. They enable to analyze the literature and provide an alternative solution to the problem. Video games are a common social phenomenon. It has deeply integrated in the mentality of the modern society. Consequently, it will be better to observe how it influences the life of modern people. Personal experience accompanied by observation and text analyses makes it possible to create a research paper. In fact, observation is useful when there is a special group of people who are engaged in some process. This method does not presuppose much involvement. It is connected with attention and resistance. By observing a desirable object, it is important not to lose connection between the first action and the last one. The final decision totally depends on it. 

One should state that observing some people who were playing video games, it has been possible to make an overall conclusion. The observation method assists greatly in this. The reason is that people who play computer games differ from those who do not. Their appearance proves the fact that they stay late nights playing games. Moreover, they are less active and enthusiastic as well. Consequently, one may state that video game players have some problems with health. Their appearance displays that. The most obvious feature has been the plain skin, big eyes, and a severe glance. The mentioned conclusion was made with the help of the observation method.

All in all, the method of the text analysis and the observation method are two main approaches that were used in the paper. They are quite beneficial since they enable to analyze the written and oral information. The observation helps investigate the activities in real life. The only thing that the researcher has to have is attention. 

Do Video Games Affect Our Life?

Nowadays, video games are a popular form of entertainment. They enable to transfer a person in the imaginary world where a player becomes the integral part of the game. Every game involves both skills and knowledge. It presupposes that the player is familiar with its settings and instructions. Consequently, in order to be successful, players spend hours improving their skills. Being attached to a computers screen, players forget about reality. Therefore, he or she becomes addicted to computer games. A wide range of computer games has a lasting impact on human life. It influences the physical as well as mental development of the player. For this reason, this popular type of entertainment has both positive and negative effects on individuals. 

The most beneficial impact of video games is its educational purpose. Almost every computer game provides significant information about places, technologies, and cultures. Moreover, all computer games are in English, so they require their players to be aware of the language. Consequently, many people learn English with the help of computer games. What is more, the games help develop manual dexterity as well as computer literacy. The up-to-date technology provides quality design of the video game. It makes the game more realistic. Furthermore, computer games teach players how to build towns or help other individuals. It will come in handy in real life. Players are ready to cope with daily problems because computers allow them to do it in the virtual life. In accordance with Douglas Gentile, computer games help develop sympathy and helpfulness (Gentile, Coyne, & Walsh, 2011).  He states that computers teach players how to think and behave. Moreover, they provide players with significant experience. When a person plays a computer game, he or she gives an intense workout to the brain. Therefore, many computer games presuppose a high level of thinking and problem solving. Together with logic development, computers provide hand-eye coordination, spatial and motor skills. When a person plays a shooting game, he or she is responsible for keeping track of the rivals. It requires intensive brain’s interpretation and quick reaction accompanied with hands movements. Furthermore, the player can learn iconic and visual skills while playing computer games. 

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One more important advantage of video games is their impact on resources management and logistics. The player has to manage resources and choose the best ones, the same way as in real life. The strategy of multitasking is very important for individuals. Computer games make players flexible and ready to make fast decisions. Consequently, the player can do it in a second. The mentioned technique is vital for real life because fast decisions bring good results. In accordance with Daphne Bavelier, games that provide stress can be applied as a training tool for real situations. That is to say, video games can be utilized for training soldiers and surgeons. Bavelier states that game players are able to make more accurate decisions in a short time (Bavelier). If a person is a surgeon or a soldier at a battlefield, such skills will help them greatly. Another benefit can be hypothesis testing and inductive reasoning. According to James Paul Gee, video games can be compared to a scientific research (Gee, 2007). The gamer is like a researcher who has to develop a hypothesis. The gamer is responsible for combining weapons and powers in order to defeat the rival. When one hypothesis does not work, the player discharges it and thinks over another one. The scientist says that video games are a goal-driven background that is essential for learning. Furthermore, video games make players active. While playing active games, players become energetic, which can lead to the fulfillment of real actions in life. One should state that video games provide many benefits for players which can help cope with daily problems.

One should look at this issue from another perspective. The worst disadvantage of playing video games is the violent content. The players are more likely to become aggressive and behave improperly. Many games are accompanied with some kind of rewards for being violent. Consequently, the act of violence is lasting and repeated. The player is in control of violence and sees violence with his or her own eyes. In fact, the repeated actions form the person’s behavior. That is why many people forget about the balance between the virtual and real life. The excessive impact of video games can lead to the emergence of criminal behavior. Many players try to commit the crime that they once underwent in a certain game. That is why they sometimes do not realize that it has been a crime. One should state that there are many violent episodes as well as deaths in games. After looking at the violent scenes, the person perceives violence as a common fact. 

The lasting involvement in video games can make players isolated. The individual spends less time in other activities such as reading, communicating, and doing sports. Accordingly, they are not ready to fulfill real tasks. As a result, they cannot cope with daily problems. What is more, video games can provide wrong values to the player. Aggression and violence are the integral part of the games. That is why the players do not have sympathy and the feeling of support. They may behave aggressively toward the dearest and nearest. Therefore, players’ behavior can bring fatal consequences in the future. Another negative factor is the distraction of video games. It is a proved fact that video games influence the student’s education level. That is to say, video games reduce the player’s ability to get good results at school and university. The research has shown that the more the person plays computer, the worst academic level he or she obtains. The Argosy University’s Minnesota School on Professional Psychology states that video games induce the aggressive behavior of the students, poor educational development, and misunderstanding between parents and children (Olson, 2011). In accordance with other studies, students skip their classes because they spend time playing games. In addition to the negative impact on mental health of the player, video games can badly influence physical health. It can cause obesity, muscular and skeletal disorders, namely nerve compression or tunnel syndrome. People suffer greatly from playing computer games. That is why one may say that video games cause addiction. In accordance with the Minneapolis National Institute for Media and the Family, video games are addictive for players (Almston, 2014). They increase depression as well as their anxieties. All these cause problems at school and in families. The last but not the least is quick development of children who play video games. Children become aware of many issues, but video games make this process much faster. The content of the games is of great importance. It becomes a teacher for every player. That is why many young people are dependent on video games. They cannot find the distinction between real life and virtual one. One should state that video games have a lasting negative effect on human life. It shapes human mental and physical state. That is why the excessive involvement in video games destroys contemporary life of common people.

One more relevant issue that should be mentioned is the position of video games in the contemporary world. Nowadays, video games have become an integral part of modern culture. Everyone has tried to play video games once at least. Many people consider video games as the type of entertainment that helps people relax. Nevertheless, video games are also a type of income. Many individuals earn money by playing video games. There are different video game competitions where individuals get great results as well as money. Consequently, video games help people be successful. However, together with great income, players get nervous and physical disorders. Moreover, many computer players suffer from insomnia. As a result, they become less active and energetic. Spending much time playing can make the person’s life limited and isolated. Therefore, being one of the most popular ways of earning money, computer games have a negative impact on the overall health of individuals. 

To sum up, one may state that video games are an important part of modern life. Many people consider them to be a type of entertainment. The games help relax and enjoy the imaginary world. Being one of the greatest ways of entertainment, video games have both positive and negative impact on human life. Speaking about the upsides, video games teach players how to behave. Furthermore, they develop decision-making skills. The games help learn foreign languages which will be beneficial for the player. In contrast, video games are a bright example of addiction. People become obsessed with and addicted to them. They forget to do common activities such as reading, communicating, and participating in sports competitions. Violent video games may shape players’ perception of the world. Most of the players know that the violent games can be rewarded. Taking into account the aforementioned information, one my say that every situation has two sides in it. If a person is clever, he or she will be able to get only benefits from them.


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