It is difficult to calculate how much fossil fuel is burned vehicles delivering goods to consumers. Highway, autobahns and railways - all of them are primarily used for cargo delivery. In large cities, the main problem of transport networks is traffic jams, because of which the minimum distances often have to overcome for hours (Greg Bensinger, The Wall Street Journal). But if it is impossible to promptly get to the point of destination by the ground, it is possible to do it through the air. Products must be delivered by the automated unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) in which it will not take more than 30 minutes. Managers of large logistics companies have such reasoning. Many consider that it is a new stage in the process of deliveries in large cities and other hard-to- reach places.

The simple and obvious goal is quick and accurate deliver the goods. Today people, especially those living in hard-to- reach locations use the accumulative consumption patterns. But if develop efficient logistics, society's need for goods will reduce, since each of us will have access to the product, which is needed here and now.

The idea of delivering via drone looks very attractive, but there are some restrictions. The maximum weight that is able to lift the machine limited to five pounds. One way or another, the main problem is the law rather than the technical side. The Federal Aviation Administration as the regulatory authority of such procedures must approve the ability to deliver goods by air via drones. Amazon has already received a permit from the FAA. The FAA has allowed the company to test the air delivery in the United States (Craig Whitlock, The Washington Post).

Now is the right time for the company FedEx to expand the range of its services in the form of delivery over the air using drones. As a recommendation, it should be noted the following points:

  1. reducing the costs;
  2. privacy and security for the consumer of services;
  3. partnership.

Reducing the costs

Sooner or later, drones will be used as couriers to deliver small cargo. You have certainly heard about the activity of the Amazon, which promised to organize the delivery of the day of purchase, using drones and already engaged in research in the US and the UK. Google and DHL are also investing in this topic. Can small and medium-sized businesses in the foreseeable future count on the savings associated with the transition from traditional ways of deliveries to deliveries drones? Theoretically, yes, because already it is estimated that if the delivery diesel freight transport in the United States costs about $ 1 per mile, the delivery services via drone cost now about 3 cents per mile (Evan Schuman, Computerworld). Due to uselessness of courier services, the delivery cost will be also low. Due to reducing the amount of emissions into the atmosphere, the company will be able to avoid penalties and additional taxes. Reducing the cost of services leads to higher income. But the company does not have to hope that will save money in the near future. There are a number of obstacles that stand between drones and transportation services to those who wish to use such services. So the company should pay attention to the possibility of producing their own drones.

The company will be able to develop technical characteristics and special features of drones and register their own patents, and have economic benefits from them.

According to the patents, the drones will be able to track the location of the person who issued the order to deliver the goods just in the hands of the buyer. Drones can obtain such information from smartphone of their customers. The route of the drone can be changed during the flight. The buyer will be able to decide for himself where it is more convenient to get a purchase - at home, at work, or in a boat in the middle of the lake (Don Reisinger, Fortune).

Drones will be able to interact not just with phones, but also with each other. Thus, drones will share information about the weather conditions. Drones should be made in different sizes to deliver products of different shape, volume and weight. Radar, cameras, infrared sensors will ensure a safe landing on different planes. The drone will constantly monitor its movement, so as not to collide with people and animals.

Drones can be used in any field of activity. For example drones can be used by volunteers. Medicines, food and clothing will be delivered in hard-to- reach or dangerous to life places. With the help of drones volunteer organizations will be able to deliver first necessity things to remote African tribes or refugees (from Syria).

The main objective of the project - the development of the long-running drone, which allows to increase the reliability and security of delivery is not only in big cities but also in remote or isolated areas (Jillian D’Onfro, Business Insider).

Due to the increasing demand for drones the company has to use this type of delivery.

As a result, the company will not only provide services to shipping by air to via drones but also sell them, which significantly improve the company's financial position.


Privacy and security

The aspect of security and privacy product delivery has always been important for consumers. The possibility of delivery of goods, parcels through the air via drone makes this question even more actual. What could happen with the premise if the weather suddenly deteriorated battery becomes empty or a drone get knocked down? Therefore, making the emphasis on security and privacy of delivery the company can attract a large number of consumers. The company will be able to afford to reduce the cost of services by increasing the number of orders.

The company should convince the client that his posting will be delivered under any circumstances. It is necessary to use special waterproof and shockproof containers. For privacy on the containers will not provide client’s personal data, and will be only a unique number, so that nobody else was able to track to whom deliver parcels. If delivered valuable commodity, the company could make the offer the commodities insurance for the client that can be issued directly from the smartphone. It is necessary to organize the department of rapid response in order to avoid and prevent any potential external and internal malfunction of drones. This department will constantly monitor job status and movement of drones to immediately change the drone to another and thus not be reasons to postpone delivery time. For the client, it gives all more reason to trust the company and become a regular customer.

The implementation of all these facts will help the company to gain a larger customer audience.


Due to FedEx market share, is necessary to attract more audience to get better financial position of the company.

The partnership is the best way to get better financial position for the company. The partnership involves working together each of the parties to achieve the common strategy and objectives. The principle of equal partnership and open communication requires prior scrutiny and selection of partners, based on long-term cooperation. Such measures are paramount to create a solid foundation for further long-term work, as well as joint development partners in view of the new challenges, social trends, and so on. Partnerships based on trust, openness and loyalty will bring mutual benefits for both partners and will help to maintain a competitive advantage in the market and additional benefits.

Key benefits of working in partnership

When selecting partners is necessary take into account their difficulties and limitations in order to avoid unrealistic expectations. It is necessary to impose specific and clearly formulated requirements. It is necessary to draw up a detailed plan to implement the strategy of relations and give enough time to your future partner to collect all the resources necessary to implement your plan. The company must check everything that you send and receive (specifications, goods, services and invoices). This will help prevent the return of goods, frustration and misunderstanding.

The company should do regular performance reviews with all the parameters, such as on-time delivery, return rates, the number of broken goods, etc., that will allow partners to appropriately adjust the strategy and improve procedures.

However, with the fast-paced growth in mobile devices and e-commerce across the globe, smartphones, apps, and connected devices have created paths for a fast-growing market for on-demand delivery services. The end consumers now demand better, faster, and more transparent services, irrespective of who provides it. This indicates that the new generation is less loyal to brands. It’s also open to receiving deliveries from third parties. In the process of interaction, the company must fully integrate the function of delivery through the air via drone. Integration must include special software for browsers and mobile devices operating systems such as IOS, Android and Windows Phone. The client will not be able to refuse such service. After all, this service is not only convenient, it will also be cheaper and will look more impressive.

FedEx should carefully develop the program of interaction with the main the world trading floors such as eBay and Alibaba. The eBay annual revenue is more than 17,94 billion of USD and it is necessary to organize partnership between FedEx and eBay (Marketwatch). Due to such partnership, FedEx could become more profitable.

Also it is necessary to pay attention to partner relations with government agencies, corporations and other smaller financial institutions. It is very convenient when a notarized statement already knocking at your window. This will significantly simplify the procedure of sending documents and will save a lot of time. Time and money are the main resources for the current business environment. Therefore, if FedEx will appreciate these resources, clients will appreciate FedEx.

But in order to earn the the confidence of aforementioned customers, the company must pay great attention to security and privacy in the delivery process through the air via drones. More details about the security and privacy nuances have already mentioned in the previous paragraphs. That is, there is a complete relationship between all recommendations. The implementation of these recommendations will bring the company additional economic benefits.


On the background of complicating road junctions in major cities and increasing of traffic jams is possible once again emphasize the relevance of the topic shipping by air via drone. The first rumors about a similar service appeared in 2013 (Evan Schuman, Computerworld). However, at that time, were many barriers to the implementation of this idea. This idea becomes much real after the Federal Aviation Administration has given its consent to the provision of such services, About Shipping through the air with drone spoke sharply all the world representatives of logistics companies. Therefore, the one who does not dare to implement this idea in danger of becoming outsider of the market of logistical companies.

The simplest and the main purpose of the goal is faster and better delivery of goods. Is especially important to delivery in remote and dangerous locations.

It is necessary to evaluate the opportunity to promote this service through social projects, as this is very much appreciated by government agencies and potential customers. Deserves special attention the implementation of partnership on the issue of deliveries through the air via drones. Partnerships based on trust, openness and loyalty will bring mutual benefits for both partners and will help to maintain a competitive advantage in the market.

It is important to ensure the privacy and security of the goods that are delivered by air. Due to the reputation that guarantees the security of the delivery, the company can expect to increase the number of corporate and individual clients. Now for the company is necessary correctly evaluate all the recommendations and begin implementation of the idea.


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