In this era, life has become tough. The days when kids used to play in the field are gone, since today football game has been replaced by the computer games and play stations. Recent studies have shown that most of the children do not take the healthy diet. The problem is slightly more aggravated in America where people live on burgers and junk food. Such ways of living result in various problems like heart disease, obesity, etc. It is essential that kids should understand the role of balanced diet and they should start to exercise from early age only.

The first step of creating a good and balanced diet plan is to analyze the own eating habits. These habits may vary from person to person hence the diet plan, which is idle for one person, may not work for the other one.

Other then the above mentioned things, lemons (in fact a lot of lemons) are included in the plan; sugar free gums and mints are also there.

Comparison of results (Week 1 and now)

When I started the diet plan at week 1, I didn’t feel good after the first initial day. However this was not the case this time. I felt motivated and this time I reduced the weight further by 1 lbs. As far as the diet plan is considered I didn’t incorporate many changes. I still used low calories diet and my dinner always constituted a bowl of green vegetables or salad.

The exercise plan, which I followed during these 3 days, can be best summarized as:

  • 30 minutes of morning jogging
  • An outdoor game in evening for 30 minutes to 45 minutes or physical exercise in GYM
  • Evening walk after dinner for 20 minutes

As of now I do not have any current health issue, however in the future I am afraid of diabetes. This is one of the reasons that my diet plan has black tea or coffee and I avoid sweet deserts etc. I always wanted my blood sugar level to be maintained, so it should never reach a threshold level where I have to think much.


Nutritional and physical exercise goal

The goals should be measurable and realistic. Diet plan objectives should not be set very high, they should be easy to achieve, so that motivation and enthusiasm is always high.

Goal 1: I would eat about two cups of vegetables and fruits with lunch and dinner for at least five out of seven days for the next two weeks.

Actions taken: I used to always make notes about the things that I have to remember. The diet plan is one such thing for which I have made notes in my mind. As a best practice I have avoided to eat out in food joints. I always remember that I have to eat more of fruits and vegetables.

Goal 2: I would go to GYM at least three times a week and I would work out for more than 5 hours in a week.

Actions taken: My week starts from Monday and I try to complete these 5 hours in first 4 days only. I believe I should not leave the GYM hours for weekends, during weekends I can play some outdoor games and at the same time I wish to do swimming at least once a week with total duration of at least 45 minutes in a week.

Goal 3: I would do walking for at lest 150 minutes in a week.

Actions taken: I avoid car and when I have to go to nearby places I always prefer to go by foot.

Goal 4: I would maintain duration of my meals and I would not eat unnecessary junk foods.

Actions taken: Whenever I feel hungry I prefer to have some or vegetables or a bowl of soup. I make sure that I am not living or burgers and noodles. This way I am making good choices for my health.

Anticipated setbacks or difficulties

I have to admit that the biggest difficulty that anyone can face while incorporating a diet plan is the motivation issue. There have been cases when people start to implement the diet plan but they lack the enthusiasm and motivation in between. Another difficulty could be the time management. In these times anybody has a busy schedule and very less free time. We can find that most of the time people are involved with one or other activities. I admit that handling and managing time can be difficult. To overcome these difficulties a strong determination and will power is required. I believe that a strong will and determined approach can help me to stay focused on my path.

There can be both quantitative and qualitative measures to determine the success of plans. I can record my weight at regular intervals to know the progress of my weight reduction and at the same time I can incorporate some qualitative measures also like mood and feelings. Many experts and researchers have believed that after the exercises there is a glow on the face and people feel cheer up when they exercise daily.

It is correctly put up that with age nutritional needs may change. To overcome this issue a regularly review the diet plan that is required. As the best practices we should always review our diet a plans after a month or two. A menu for a kid is different from the one of an elder person. There can also be seasonal variations while following the diet plan. The intake of hot beverages can get increased in winters and exercise can also be a bit difficult.


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