One of the problems facing our nation is the homelessness. This is the lack of permanent housing, which causes people to resort to other housing options like sleeping in the streets, abandoned vehicles and other non permanent areas (attention getting device). A look at this problem using the cause effect model helps in coming up with a lasting solution to homelessness (Thesis).

(Main Idea) One of the primary causes of homelessness is the lack of affordable housing because of poverty and unemployment. (Idea 2) Other causes include relationship breakdowns and substance abuse among others. Homelessness is known to have brutal consequences on individuals. For example, homelessness damages people's self esteem, causes isolation and loss of skills. This increases people's inability to look for ways of stopping this problem.

(Stage 1 of Idea 1) Since the major cause of homelessness is unemployment, the best solution to this problem is creating job opportunities. Creating job opportunities also helps individuals that experience relationship breakups since such people can get their own housing after breakups. (Stage 2 of Idea 1) However, the job opportunities created must have the capability of sustaining individuals in terms of housing and other essential needs. This involves creating lasting jobs instead of short time jobs that will force individuals back to homelessness.

(Stage 1 of idea 2) Another way of dealing with the problem of homelessness is by dealing with the problem of drug abuse. In most cases, drug addicts spend their money in drugs leaving them with no money to pay for housing. (Stage 2 of idea 2) Because of this, drug addicts should be taken to rehabilitation centers where they should be taught on how to live responsibly.

In conclusion, one of the contemporary problems affecting people is homelessness. This problem negatively affects individuals meaning that permanent solutions have to be sought. One of these solutions is the creation lasting and sustainable job opportunities for the homeless.

A-Attention- getting device- Homelessness have negative consequences

B-Thesis- solution using the cause effect model

C-main idea 1- Poverty and unemployment cause homelessness

D-stage 1-Provide jobs

E-stage 2 Enhance sustainability through sustainable jobs

F-Main idea 2- Drug abuse as the cause of unemployment.

G-stage 1- Stop or prevent drug abuse

H-stage 2- Use rehabilitation centers



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