Proper communication within an organization is the key to its success and sustainability. It comprises of the formal and informal means of relaying information across the network of employees and the organization’s management. The process of any communication ought to be implemented effectively in order for the entity to reap the desired benefits as expected. In respect of this, the study aims at exploring the practicability of communication within organizations and how the whole exercise occurs.

Within organizations, there are always rituals and rites that the members observe on a regular basis according to the laid down procedures and organizational policies.  This helps to harmonize the activities and set a standard way of interacting among members without compromising their professional mandates.

As a member of the Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers, I have come to appreciate the diverse ways of communication and interaction among members and the entire management team. There are standard procedures and accepted practices of facilitating the communication process.

There is a monthly magazine for each member of IEEE

The magazine's name is IEE Communications Magazine. It seeks to enlighten the organization’s members about the ongoing activities and provide any information intended for every member on that regular basis. It is one sure way of relaying information to all members regardless of their location. They get their copies by way of digital and electronic delivery.

Members of the IEEE also enjoy the online communications ontology and patent citations. Such an idea intends to give all the members an opportunity to express their assertions, reason and make inferences within that domain. They can also make references to previous communications with ease and comfort.

Besides, all the members can access surveys and tutorials of the IEEE communications regularly. Essentially, this allows every member a chance to make personal suggestions and raise issues that may help the organization to achieve effectiveness in their quest to have reliable and efficient means of disseminating information across the network of members.

Besides, the members do access the IEEE/OSA Journal of Lightwave Technology. It also gives them the updates of any new breakthroughs and other announcements of the organization and other institutions in fields of interest to the organization’s mandate.


The ComSoc e-News also updates the members about the ongoing activities

They get the spotlight on industry news, profession, new Comsoc activities and events, calendars and calls for papers. They also get information on exclusive offers for the organization’s members.

The organization in its own way communicates to other people and members as well through their website. The official website of the Institute of Electronic and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) is All the members, as we as the general public, get all information about the organization, including their goals and values directly from the sites. There are also news updates that give daily announcements of the organization’s operations and other useful information to all interested parties.

Just like any other modern organization, the institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers (IEEE), holds its routine activities for purposes of member interaction and conveyance of vital messages across the entire network. They observe strict guidelines in that exercise to ascertain that whatever is said is an official communication from the organization. Discussion forums also allow the members to share their professional experiences. Through this arrangement, they can make suggestions to the organization. That could be based on observed trends of the profession with the aim of mobilizing others for a given activity. They also want to simply share an opinion.

The organizational structure is in a way that the management remains distinct from other members of the organization. The members have their roles to play within and outside the organization, under the management’s watch.

I set out to find out details and formalities about the process, significance and guidelines on effective communication within organizations. In my conversation with experienced members within the Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers and other Human resource personnel of other institutions I have discovered a number of crucial observations.

In order to make any official communication, someone must observe protocol

Hierarchical language comes in handy. The way one addresses a senior member of the organization is not the same way he addresses a member of the same ranking (grade).

The organizational culture also plays a significant role in the way communications take place. This means, there are different rituals and rites within different organizational settings. Such rites and rituals determine to a large extent the way communication takes place.

In organizations, there are arrangements to avail the stories pertaining to the company’s events, achievements and even incidents concerning the entire fraternity. This helps to keep members updated all the time. People also share personal stories through organized discussions relating with their observations and experiences within their occupational environment.

In conclusion, organizations rely heavily on internal communication for all the activities that need harmonious execution. It is therefore essential that the organizational structure embrace a culture that promotes effective and reliable means of information conveyance to realize high performance levels. Relevant persons should stipulate rules and formulate policies that offer a friendly atmosphere for communication among different members of the organization. This is a key ingredient in the organization’s daily strife to reach impressive heights in terms of profitability and attainment of their objectives.


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