Reflection on Long Term Goals, Personal Values, and Own Definition of Success

In order to make a better choice for career and life planning decisions, it is imperative to define my own personal criteria for success. This involves reflecting on my long term goals, personal life values and my own definition of success. I am a holder of Bachelor of Business Management, second honors with an academic record of major achievements in human resource research.  Currently I am engaged in employment. In addition, I am  studying  MBA in HRM at the Dublin Business School in Ireland.

In order to attain my goals and objectives in life, I ought to understand myself. I have been trying to anchor in life values that brings a true personal meaning of myself. I don’t do what other expect since this would drift my life away and would not be a clear reflection of my goals and values. In my studies, I have been taking education seriously by doing all that is required to be done including attending internships. By focusing in my long term goals, I have been able to create, plan and achieve personal and professional goals. I have been able to examine what is important in my life and directed my attention and efforts towards their achievement. I have been setting time framed goals that I consider attractive, realistic, and with definable outcomes. Through my personal motivation and tenacity, I consider myself being on a path towards success considering my achievements so far. For instance, I have gained more knowledge on the real life experience of my career and an overview of the challenges to expect and the approaches to use while handling the issues. More importantly, by focusing on my long term goals I will gain mentors and more networking contacts that will provide an ease in future attainment of employment (Bogue, 2013).

After achieving one of my goals of graduating from the Dublin University with honors as an MBA graduate, I want to be employed in my area of study within the first six months after my graduation. After gaining experience and becoming a professional in my career, I will develop my own firm essentially in a matter of five to ten years after employment. I plan to achieve this by ensuring I do my best in studies and succeed in business management course. In addition, in order to grow professionally, I intend to be dependable, trustworthy and being committed to my work. I will exploit my knowledge and experience to ensure I succeed in everything I do. In order to track my progress, I will be continually monitoring my development in life and is necessary be adjusting my goals. By ensuing exemplary performance to my organization, promotion would be guaranteed. Promotion would be a motivating factor to even work hard and learn more in order to efficiently carry the responsibilities of my position in the business. After duration of five years, I will have invested and saved enough to start planning on development of my own firm. 

Even after being employed, I will not give up my future goal of developing my own firm. I will set my priorities right and not become contented with my current employment. Having my own firm would be my biggest achievement. I believe that being self employed would bring enjoyment in my life. I would not only consider it a personal development but also a personal accomplishment. Through my values such as being loyal, wisdom, independence, integrity and prestige I would be able to accomplish the above goals.

In my personal definition, success is being financially independent, being a role model, living and working in compliance with my personal moral standard and being deeply involved with people who have  larger life purpose than myself.  I believe that a combination of my values and my great urge to success will multiply my power of action and help in achieving my long-term goals.  My values would express powers not only by my physical acts but also through my attitude and thoughts. I believe that a skilled act would generate greater results in comparison to unskilled one and thus act as a motivation to succeed academically. In order to ensure success in all my undertaking I would practice tolerance, openness, respect, and teamwork (Chlondowski, 2007).

Evaluation of Own Strengths and Weaknesses according to Reflection of Goals


I have strategic research skills which enable me appraise information and select the necessary information regarding a topic. Many students are unable to differentiate and select the essential information within a research topic. However, I am knowledgeable on technical skills which is an additional benefit considering that my colleagues do not have these set of skills..

I possess strong and clear communication skills and am also able to speak fluent Spanish, English and Arabic. This is an extra advantage since as it translates; I can handle clients from different parts of the world. Most of the colleagues speak French, which is only a necessity, therefore, outsourcing and been able to speak other languages conveys strength. Teamwork and leadership skills are exposed through my ability to deal with conflicts between individuals and ability to motivate individuals to working mutually towards a certain goal.

More importantly, I am capable of working individually and able to motivate myself towards achieving certain goals. For instance, as of 2005 I have been working between attachments and internships which have provided me with knowledge concerning the profession. In 2005 to 2006 I gained information technology skills while working at The Age of Technology Institution in Kuwait. In 2008 I worked as a sales assistant in an organization named Best Choice (cars hire) where I developed major negotiating skills among others. In between 2008 and 2009 I worked as a supervisor and coordinator at Al-Sharhiray Company identified for handling security issues and I advanced my report writing skills among others such as data analysis and entry skills among others. In 2012 I worked at AL-Sarhan Shoes as a sales assistant and dealt with customer service where I developed and advanced my skills such as customer relations skills, data analysis and entry, and marketing skills among others.


Am extremely organized and possess high integrity levels which allow me to remember and work efficiently. This ensures that my work is organized and easily accessible. I am also highly intelligent, focused, presentable, and eloquent and, through internships I have gained more work knowledge than my colleagues.


I am an emotional person which makes it difficult for me to dis-relate family business from professional work. It also creates an obstacle in my ability to reprimand people for wrong doing. I am also an extrovert and get so much involved in my work that i do not involve myself with friends. More importantly, I strive for perfection which can be viewed as strength and a weakness at the same time by different individuals. In my regard, it is a weakness since striving for perfection consumes so much time and am not able to appreciate anything that falls below perfection, which during some events demotivates employees.


Due to the constructive and improved trends in my field of business, new jobs will emerge leading to employment availability. For instance, there is growth development in businesses conveyed by technological advancements and globalization. Therefore, through exploiting my skills I will be capable of attainment of better jobs, with attractive salaries.


Despite my strengths and advantageous skills, my colleagues are studying hard to have an opportunity in the developed world. Therefore, there is existence of intense competition, which steers one to having the need to have more skills above his competitor students. Another threat is the lack of advanced training in schools, and education to assist one in taking advantage of the available opportunities. Lack of development time and financial support are also hindrances to the achievement of career goals. I graduated on July this year with a second honors in Business management. This articulated need for more studying and portrayed a potential threat posed by the first honors graduates.  My high school cumulative average mark was of 76 percent which translated a number of major classmates stand as major competitors.

I intend to build up my strengths through being communicative in group discussions and confidently speaking my mind with confidence and, accepting correction. To overwhelm my weaknesses I will attempt to support my actions with my beliefs and values and attempt to amend everything that can be amended in reality. My major threats can be tackled through preventing their occurrence. For instance, if I work harder my colleagues will not stand as competitors (Pahl & Richter, 2009).

In order to be capable of grasping the opportunities available, I will store networking contacts and events, attend conferences and educational classes. Also through working hard to be a professional in my field will convey new business opportunities. Been alert on job opportunity is also an approach used to attain jobs. For instance, been alert provides one with firsthand information on new technology, advancement levels in the current market, and new trends in the business among other advancements (Fine, 2009). More importantly, through completing my studies and graduating with honors will convey the relevant capacity for identifying and been identified for upcoming opportunities.

Classification of Expectations of MBA: Personal Development Planning Linking

MBA facilitates theory and practice learning of different extents of management and prepares students with an integrated methodology to a number of meanings of management. MBA is specifically meant to provide students with sufficient and necessary skills, ample knowledge, and with the right attitude for effectively managing businesses globally. It is also expected to establish new and reliable management professionals with imperative ethical values that ensure one is able to handle the responsibility of management in different business sections affiliated with the national main concerns. MBA is delegated with the responsibility of developing proactive thinking within students in order for them to perform effectively in the business environment generally. Through internships, students are allowed to effort in their areas of expertise as an approach of specializing in a management functional section. Students develop and advance their skills for future businesses management.

In order for my goals to be achieved I ought to graduate from Dublin University with an MBA honors. This will be achieved through the short term educational goals as of high school to current education goals. Upon completion of my graduate levels of education I will have attained all the necessary skills through internships. The skills will include research and report skills, problem solving skills, data entry and output skills, and information technology skills among others. Through exploiting my personal SWOT analysis tool, I will use my contacts and mentors to attain a presentable job. My goals through the SMART tool are attainable thus through the tool I will work hard to attain my goals, through becoming a perfect and role model to others in my career. This will lay the foundation which will lead to my ability of starting up my own firm. Through attainment of a job, among other school projects and internships I will learn how to manage businesses effectively and have the capacity to develop my own firm between five to ten years after the first employment occupation.

After completion of my studies I intend to become a leader at managing international and local firms. I will exploit the skills that I have acquired in internships, attachments, achievements and lecture classes to my advantage and triumph both in life and professionally. I have gained numerous skills both through learning and practical engagement of internships and attachments through school. I have advanced researching and reporting skills, data entry and analysis skills, information technology skills, language fluency, I possess high levels of intellect and attention and am well organized among other benefits. In internships and attachments I have developed advanced skills related to my profession. For instance, through internships I have acquired customer relations skills, negotiating and marketing skills, ability to handle conflicts, engage efficiently in teamwork, overseeing business transactions and projects, and I have been able to motivate employees to working towards certain set goals. Therefore, am already a qualified candidate for management at any firm. 


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